Brass from Novara

Clay from Civita Castellana

Furniture from Venice

Brass and Clay represents a unique collaboration between some of today’s most important Italian designers and bathroom producers. Though these two industries sit side by side in any bathroom design, the world of the brass worker and the potter could not be more diverse. Here for your convenience we combine the two worlds of Brass and Clay.

Central to brass production is the forging of molten metal followed by its mould casting and machining. The manufacture of ceramic, on the other hand, is characterised by the mould drying of raw clay slip which is then glazed before being baked in an oven to set. Such are the time-consuming and often arduous processes which lead to the formation of items we recognise as taps, showers and sanitary ware.

If the use of moulds and fire is common to both industries, this is where the similarities end since the manual and artisanal skills required to create the final products are, in fact, polar opposites. Whereas one entails force and mechanical working, the other requires a practised eye and delicate human touch. Consequently the areas of concentration for these two opposing skill-sets are often contained within particular geographical regions, due to tradition, the presence of natural resources and local economic requirements.

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